Easy Tweeting

Blog originally posted on Snap Retail’s Blog by Christian Kratsas on July 26, 2012

Twitter users have something to say in 140 characters or less, more than 340 million times per day. There must be a lot to talk about in such brevity, huh? This kind of communication is happening between 500 million Twitter users that feel the need to be connected to people and brands in a personal way.

Whether you are one of these brands is up to you. The first question you want to ask before reading on: Are my customers part of that 500 million? A great way to find out is to take a look at Twitter users in your area. You can enter your location on Twellow.com and do a quick search of user interests of Twitter profiles in your area. See enough people to make your time worthwhile? Good. Now let’s start tweeting effectively.

When should I tweet?

First off, you’re probably used to marketing your business on Facebook since you’re heading to Twitter as your number 2. Unlike Facebook, Twitter has some great engagement over the weekend. Utilize SnapRetail to schedule your posts over the weekend. You can inform customers on weekend sales and connect with local event organizers, news sources and/or influencers to spread the word or share other activities. Monitor conversations over the weekend and tweet to customers encouraging them to stop by your store while they are out.

Another valuable piece of information to add to your Twitter strategy is the timing of your tweets. According to Buddy Media, Twitter sees 30% higher engagement from 8am – 7pm. Reason for this could be due to Twitter’s high rate of consumption. Active users are able to peruse through their feed during the working day to keep current on news, have real-time conversations, network, and even find a new restaurant to try out for dinner. According to a study conducted by Buddy Media, Twitter engagement is opposite from Facebook which is 17% lower during busy hours. This is good news though. You’ll want to utilize different channels of social media during different times of the day in order to optimize your reach and engagement.

How many times should I hit the tweet button?

Well that depends. How often do you have something valuable to add to your followers? How often do they tweet? When do you receive the most @replies? You really have to find your sweet spot… or “tweet” spot if you will. I’d suggest starting with 4 tweets per day for a few weeks and see what kind of response you are getting. Keep an eye on your followers, retweets and @replies. If they are decreasing, you may want to save some tweets for the next day.

What makes a good tweet?

You may think 140 characters aren’t enough to communicate effectively. Think again. Twitter users respond best to tweets in the ballpark of 100 characters. Take a look at these superb stats derived by Buddy Media that will give you a good understanding of the kind of content your audience may connect best with.

  • Tweets with hashtags receive 2x higher engagement- never use more than 2 hashtags
  • Image links receive 2x more engagement
  • Asking for retweets received 12x higher RT rate

If you practice all the above you’ll be on the right path to connect with a new audience of brand advocates for your business. The simplest thing you can do for better interaction is to provide clear Calls to Action (CTAs.) Don’t be shy in asking for RTs or provoking conversation with questions. Be sure to constantly test different tactics and evolve your Twitter strategy as you grow. You can start by mixing up these tips into a delicious Twitter strategy cocktail that your customers will enjoy.

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