Pinning to the Next Level

It’s no longer news that Pinterest is taking over lives (OK, maybe just a few hours of our lives) but in all seriousness, it is becoming a part of business marketing strategies, and rightfully so.  If you missed the Advisor article about Pinterest by Crystal, check it out! She talks about how to get started (and why).

To stand out and thrive on Pinterest as an independent retailer, there are some fun, strategic ways to set your business apart. In this blog you’re going to learn how to take your pins and boards to a whole other level.

Market your products with the customer in mind

One of the things customers hate about businesses getting into social media is a common tendency to just push their products. Well, Pinterest is the perfect place to push products because products are a top category! As Crystal mentioned in her Pinterest post, you can add prices to your product pins. When customers want to browse products solely on price your  product can show up on those streams. It’s smart for you and it’s helpful to your customers.







But just because Pinterest makes it easy for you to market your products, you should utilize a similar rule to the 70/20/10 rule. I don’t think that you need to be as careful of pushing your product as you are on Facebook, but applying the old “golden rule” is a great first step – would YOU want to see your Pinterest home page cluttered with only products? Would YOU follow a person or retailer who only pinned their own products? Chances are, your answer is “NOPE!”

To make your marketing on Pinterest more exciting and effective, follow the three ideas below!

Create a lifestyle

As you continue to pin, you’re creating a lifestyle – you show people what products are your favorites, what quotes inspire you, what recipes you love or want to try, you pin fitness or wellness goals, favorite books or movies. This is what is so amazing about Pinterest. As a business, you should do the same.

Your business on Pinterest should create a lifestyle that reflects your store and your customers. If your customers are moms with young kids, pin some kid craft ideas or playroom ideas. Pin some easy, healthy recipes. Pin home decorating or organizing ideas. Pin local restaurants for date night! You can also create boards that are solely dedicated to different holidays. By now, we all know that even though it’s March, people still like to think about Christmas decorations – or at least find inspiration! Be that; be inspiration for your customers.















While you are building this lifestyle, you can add your products to any of the boards and you can make specific boards for your merchandise as well (i.e: Easter Basket Gifts under $20; Our Favorite Gifts for Mother’s Day; etc).

Use it as a focus group

As you’re creating a lifestyle on Pinterest, so are other Pinners. You may find that a Pinner repinned your product, and when you look at their board, you’ll find other products they love. Be curious and open minded. You may find that some of those products might be good to experiment in your store. Maybe they fit within your main product offerings and other customers would like it too?

You can even create a board and promote it on Facebook and Twitter. You might be looking at vendors with great products but are unsure if their products will sell. Make a board of the products and ask people to like the pin if would want to buy it from you! You might gain some great insight!

Make a board for the crowds

You may have found that when you invite your customers to be a part of your social media story, they are so happy to chime in! You can do the same on Pinterest.

Let’s say you carry Elf on the Shelf in your store. You can create a public board and invite people to pin their Elf pictures to your board! It’s great! You’re not only getting people interacting with the board and your brand, but that is spreading to everyone who might be interested and everyone who follows those pinners.

You can do the same with apparel or jewelry. Ask people to pin pictures of them wearing or using your products. You also might want to consider doing a random sweepstakes for the pinners who participate.

Happy Pinning

Not only is Pinterest an addicting social media platform that is quickly taking more time away from other spaces, as well as one of the main sources of traffic to a website, but it’s also the perfect space for an independent retailer.

You can be creative and integrate your product into the strategic space of Pinterest with some of the ideas above. Remember, by setting yourself apart and being interactive with your customers, you will become one of their favorite Pinners! That is truly marketing at its finest.

In the words of the Pinterest team, “Happy Pinning!”

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