Improving Your Potential Reach with Social Media Marketing

We stress all the time the importance of social media marketing for building your brand and delivering your news, products and services to your adoring fans, but social media can actually underperform in some situations especially as your network grows.  It is times like these when you can fall back on your tried and true email marketing to go where social media marketing didn’t quite get.

You are likely thinking, “What do you mean? Social media is all the rage and it is the BEST way to market my business” and yes, this is what we are usually telling you in our posts.  Honestly, that really hasn’t changed.  Facebook and Twitter are still your best avenues for reaching new and untapped potential customer resources, but just getting them to fan your page or connect on twitter isn’t going to get them thoroughly engaged.

Just consider for a moment the sheer volume of tweets daily on Twitter.  The possibility of that new subscriber to your tweets actually reading your tweets is a shot in the dark.  Sure you could send direct messages to all your peeps, but that will likely lead to a mass decrease in your followers thanks to your new found spammy nature.  Same lies true for Facebook who uses their infamous EdgeRank algorithm that can literally prevent your posts from ever appearing on your fan’s page.  With Facebook as well you have to consider the large portion of its user base that is still trying to figure out how to use their service and see more than just highlighted news or they are still trying to put their lives in a timeline. So, it is important to include another step in your social media endeavors that ensures a direct access point to your new found friends and that is through email marketing.

In order to connect your email marketing and social network marketing campaigns you’ll still need to attract more fans and followers.  As always we suggest developing some killer content that will blow people’s minds and get it out there as a Facebook ad to be liked to through a mass pass around of your existing Facebook fans.  For those who lives are devoid of quality content and meaningful relationships, you could fall back on the old standby of giving a coupon or something away for free.  Either way, continue to build your fan base on Facebook and Twitter.

Once people have liked your page or started to follow you on Twitter, offer a second out of this world piece of content or yes, another decent give away or discount, but ask them to sign up for your email list to receive it.  Add to this the additional rewards for email list referrals and before you know it you will have direct access to more people and still have an impressive social media circle as well.  You can also segment your email sign up lists to best target your email marketing efforts to different subscribers.

Building a huge social following is only part of the social media marketing strategy.  Finding new and better ways to engage your social audience is the real game winner.  One of the best ways to build your network of followers is to let them know where you can be found on the web.  Our free Social Follow Follow Me button does just that without leaving your website looking like a billboard for social networking sites.  Add one button for all your networks!

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