Measuring a QR Codes Effectiveness

QR codes have been very popular for the past two years and are in a lot of places such as store displays, business cards, online ads, postcards etc. The question is still up in the air whether QR codes are here to stay or not, but from the measurement perspective they do present a huge opportunity in measuring your offline advertising’s effectiveness (see It’s All About Synergy: Newspaper and QR Codes for more information).

A QR Code can allow for proof of an advertising medium working or not working. A QR Code can qualify a customer to determine if we want to approach them into buying goods and services from us. A QR Code allows a standard 3×10 newspaper ad to become an eight-page tab, 30 page catalog or an easy entry way into our online store. A QR Code allows for actionable results—something most medias fail to deliver.

Measuring QR codes that send users to your site is as simple as tracking the campaign with the tools in front of you. Have the QR code go to a specific place on your website so you can use your analytics to measure the increase of visit of clicks you had on that specific page. Another way of tracking QR codes is to track phone numbers that get dialed when someone scans a QR code. In this case, use a unique phone number specific to the QR campaign and you will be able to easily track the effectiveness by analyzing the number.

QR codes are allowing new possibilities for small businesses. The increasing number of smart phone users gives this form of advertising a larger reach and high ad frequency potential that could be an effective way for small businesses to spread awareness and get their name out there.

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