Check-In Services: Facebook or Foursquare?

Location-based services are becoming a huge trend in social media, especially with how your customers are shopping and utilizing the service. With so many service options, marketers have a lot to choose from. Two major contenders are Facebook and

Foursquare, but which one is best for business?


As reported in early 2012, Foursquare had 20 million active users and over 2 billion check-ins. The big question though, is whether Foursquare can get people regularly using the service.

Facebook, on the other hand, has over 850 billion users and 31% check in more than once a day.


Both Foursquare and Facebook Places encourage businesses to create specials that reward users for checking in to their locations. But options for these specials vary slightly per site.

Facebook held the advantage over Foursquare offering a “charity deal” that allowed people to chose a certain amount of money for the company to donate per check-in.

Foursquare, on the other hand, allows businesses to run what’s known as “Mayor” specials. These deals reward the individual who has checked in the most to a location.

With Foursquare recent launch of its new features, there is now much overlap between the two creating a very close battle for location-based services.


One of Facebook’s key advantages over Foursquare is its large, built-in network of users, and because Facebook launched long before Foursquare, many of its users had time to build up their own networks of friends.

Foursquare users appear to have much smaller networks, and thus a much smaller reach. However, many users connect their accounts to their Facebook and Twitter allowing them to reach a larger group of their friends.

When it comes down to it both Facebook and Foursquare, check-ins are an inexpensive form of marketing your company. People use these services for two reasons: to let their friends know where they are at-and maybe give some information about the place and to claim deals and discounts. No matter which avenue you choose you will still provide your business with more exposure than those not taking advantage of location-based services.

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