Pinterest – is it good for your brand?

Over the years, there have been numerous social media outlets – some that make sense to use for your brand such as Facebook and Twitter, the others, we’re not so certain on. The newest rave in social media the past two years has been Pinterest. At first, we weren’t sure how this would work for […]

Pinning to the Next Level

It’s no longer news that Pinterest is taking over lives (OK, maybe just a few hours of our lives) but in all seriousness, it is becoming a part of business marketing strategies, and rightfully so.  If you missed the Advisor article about Pinterest by Crystal, check it out! She talks about how to get started […]

4 Tips for Increasing Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog

Do you want more traffic coming to your blog? Getting lots of pins from your blog posts can increase engagement and drive traffic. It can also help boost your performance on search engines because pins to your post are ‘do-follow’ links. Pinterest’s recent growth has been unstoppable. According to comScore, Pinterest has grown by 4377% […]

“Pinfluence,” “Pinterest For Business” And Two Other How-To Books About Pinterest, Reviewed

Four out of four authors of books about Pinterest agree: Pinterest is important! Their judgments, judged. Pinfluence By Beth Hayden PAGES: 190 TONE: For helpful tips, just wait until the next chapter! [Next chapter] Wait until the next chapter! DELIVERED AS DEEP INSIGHT: Imagine your ideal client and pin things you think they would enjoy. […]

26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

Are you wondering how your business could use Pinterest? To say there’s been a lot of buzz about Pinterest in recent months would be putting it mildly! Pinterest’s ease of use for visually bookmarking, organizing and sharing things you love has made it a hit among individuals and businesses alike. What follows are 26 tips, […]

9 Businesses Using Pinterest Contests to Drive Traffic and Exposure

Are you using Pinterest to market your business? Running contests on Pinterest is a great way to expose your brand to a large audience, attract new followers and engage with your existing follower base. In this article, I’ll showcase nine businesses running successful Pinterest contests. Why Pinterest Contests? Here is why you should run a […]

5 Habits of Highly Successful Brands on Pinterest

It’s been two years since the launch of Pinterest. Most marketers are still trying to figure it out, but there are others that, through trial and error, have found what works and what doesn’t. Here are some lessons from those who are finding early success there. Promote Setting up shop on Pinterest isn’t enough. The […]

5 Ways to Build a Pinterest Following With Facebook

Blog Posted On Social Media Examiner By Melanie Duncan on August 7, 2012 Are you looking to build a strong Pinterest following? Did you know that you can integrate your Facebook and Pinterest marketing? Yes, there’s a way to get Facebook fans to create exposure for you on Pinterest. Establishing a large audience of followers on […]

Quick Fire Marketing – Study Your Pinterest Vocabulary

Pins: A person bookmark with picture or even video. The Pins float in page columns in a covered pattern on the webpage. Mobile users might just view one column. Wide display users could see 3 or 4. Boards: An associated number of Pins. You constantly follow your personal boards, and may furthermore follow individual boards […]

Why Users Are More Engaged With Social Media on Fridays

Rebecca Black‘s not the only one who thinks there’s something special about Friday. Two separate pieces of research out this week show that the end of the work week is the best time to get traction on status updates and tweets. Analyzing more than 200 of its clients’ Facebook pages over a 14-day period, Buddy […]