Check-In Services: Facebook or Foursquare?

Location-based services are becoming a huge trend in social media, especially with how your customers are shopping and utilizing the service. With so many service options, marketers have a lot to choose from. Two major contenders are Facebook and Foursquare, but which one is best for business? Users As reported in early 2012, Foursquare had […]

Pinning to the Next Level

It’s no longer news that Pinterest is taking over lives (OK, maybe just a few hours of our lives) but in all seriousness, it is becoming a part of business marketing strategies, and rightfully so.  If you missed the Advisor article about Pinterest by Crystal, check it out! She talks about how to get started […]

Worst Case Scenario: Dealing With Bad-For-Business Situations Online

They say that to appreciate the good days, you need to go through a few bad ones. This applies to both your personal life AND your business. Sometimes a situation arises in retail where you need to do some damage control. The good news is that you can often use a bad situation to show […]

How to make sense of the social media world

It is mind boggling how much social networking data has evolved in the past few years. People are interacting with brands driven by social-media patterns. Brands now can be found within tweets, through “likes” on Facebook, people can check-in, and with other platforms growing, like Pinterest, it can be hard to understand how to act […]

7 Ways to Use Yelp to Improve Your Local Business

Blog originally posted on Social Media Examiner By Brian Casel on August 15, 2012 Are you wondering how to best use Yelp for your business? If you run a local business like a restaurant, Yelp should be an essential cornerstone of your online presence. Launched back in 2004, Yelp continues to be the go-to resource […]