10 SEO Myths Debunked

SEO is dead. Social Media has replaced SEO. Tired of all the confusion? Not sure where to turn for solid advice? Let’s try to alleviate the fuzziness and get down to brass tacks. Check out these 10 Social Media and SEO Myths debunked… 1. Search Engine Optimization is something where we get as much information […]

The difference between content that hits and misses is…

“Content is king, marketing is Queen, and your blog is their castle”. It was former Salesforce Social Media Director and now startup of Addvocate, Marcus Nelson, who stated this. And though I agree, I would add an element that sustains it all… Context. Context is the “story” told: “how will your widget help me?”; “why […]

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Your Search Rankings

Are you happy with the traffic coming to your blog or website? Have you kept up with the changes in search engine optimization (SEO)? This is essential for most businesses today. Keep reading to learn how Google changes are making social media more important and what you can do about it. Recent Google Changes Put […]

Quick Fire Marketing – Study Your Pinterest Vocabulary

Pins: A person bookmark with picture or even video. The Pins float in page columns in a covered pattern on the webpage. Mobile users might just view one column. Wide display users could see 3 or 4. Boards: An associated number of Pins. You constantly follow your personal boards, and may furthermore follow individual boards […]