9 Facebook Marketing Tips From Top Experts

Posted on Social Media Examiner By By Cindy King on August 21, 2012 Are you looking for creative ways to improve your Facebook marketing? Facebook continues to be the social media platform of choice for many businesses. So we spoke with top Facebook experts to find out the hottest marketing tips businesses need to know […]

10 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Aren’t Working–And What You Can Do About It

If you’re frustrated with the results you’re getting from your social media marketing efforts, you are not alone. Following are some of the top reasons your strategy isn’t working, and how you can turn that around to achieve better results. 1. Lack of Clear Goals: If you’re sharing content on social media networks without a […]

How to make sense of the social media world

It is mind boggling how much social networking data has evolved in the past few years. People are interacting with brands driven by social-media patterns. Brands now can be found within tweets, through “likes” on Facebook, people can check-in, and with other platforms growing, like Pinterest, it can be hard to understand how to act […]