Improving Your Potential Reach with Social Media Marketing

We stress all the time the importance of social media marketing for building your brand and delivering your news, products and services to your adoring fans, but social media can actually underperform in some situations especially as your network grows.  It is times like these when you can fall back on your tried and true […]

Adjusting Your Social Media For Facebook’s Business Timelines

The current complaint around the water cooler in most social media marketers cube is the change of Facebook book fan pages to the infamous and not quite so popular Timeline.  On a personal page, the Timeline is a great way to organize your life events and really just create your own story, but for businesses, […]

6 Unpleasant Truths About Social Media

Think you know social? Think again. Unpleasant Truth No. 1: ENGAGEMENT CAN’T BE SEEN IN DOLLARS Until Lady Gaga, Skittles had the record for most likes and comments on a single Facebook post. Did it boost sales? “Anybody who says they can track that is in a bubble,” says Michael Lebowitz, CEO of Big Spaceship, […]